Pasovska, Silvana (2021) ESSENCE AND MEANING OF SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING. Macedonian International Journal of Marketing, 13. ISSN ISSN 1857-9787

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Marketing is the moving power of every sales in today’s dynamic living and working conditions; and without sales, there is no end result, too, since nothing happens without sales realization. Digital marketing skills, platforms and tools are important to everyone; from small business to big companies. Digital marketing and digital media represent the new Internet of the present and the most powerful tools provided one knows how to use them properly. Digital marketing, that is, social media marketing, is a source of different benefits, among which are: economy, reaching target group of customers more easily, generating potential buyers more quickly, excellent marketing tools and platforms, real-time data analysis, landing page analysis, creating digital content, etc. The businesses most often start using social media marketing in order to grow their presence or expand the production. This type of marketing plays a significant role as a main communication channel with potential clients through the social media, browsers, e-mail messages, the contents they create, videos, images, podcasts, e-books, etc. The products and the services may reach the potential clients at any time by using digital marketing campaigns, since people are more and more online, using different devices: mobile phones, computers, and tablets. Nowadays, the fact that the marketing is being changed by the modern customer is constantly emphasised. However, the goal of the marketing has always been the same – to send a message to the target consumer. The only thing that has changed is the manner of communication with the target audience and the speed we can reach our audience. For that reason, the focus of this paper is to the fact that digital era is changing the manner in which marketing functions, and that it is necessary for us to accept those changes and use new methods and tools to transform our traditional practice of marketing into an efficient and comfortable experience with digital marketing.
Key words: social media marketing, tools, strategy, trends, business, profit

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