Pasovska, Silvana (2022) THE FUTURE OF MACEDONIAN TOBACCO IS IN PRODUCTION ACCORDING TO STANDARDS FOR COMPETITIVE PRODUCT WITH HIGH QUALITY. International Journal of Agriculture, Environment and Bioresearch, 07 (02). p. 92. ISSN 2456-8643

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As an agricultural crop, tobacco is important for many countries in the world and depending on the climatic conditions, it is either a mass crop or it is marginally present. Globally, the production of all types of tobacco ranges from 6,500,000-7,000,000 tons per year. This production also includes the final processing of cigarettes, which with the acceptance of the American blend becomes more international or global, in terms of its quality. The trade with tobacco raw material in the world is quite stable, i.e. there is a balance between supply and demand. The market is traditional and, in most cases, perfectly defined. Over 95% of the tobacco production is spent on the production of cigarettes, while the remaining 5% belongs to other tobacco products. Macedonia stabilizes tobacco production. The quantities tend to be kept at around 23,000-28,000 tons of tobacco, which allows better quality. As a country with its own strategy, Macedonia does not accept a methodology for reducing tobacco production that is contrary to ensuring the existence of producers and in conditions when tobacco is replaced by another crop. Climatic conditions and economic effect should be taken into account. In the regions where tobacco is grown, there are no climatic conditions for other crops because these places are dry. As for the economic effect, a new crop is accepted only if it is a viable replacement, i.e. if it provides a livelihood for producers, which is unlikely. In the Republic of North Macedonia, the achievement of an average production of about 28,000 tons should not be questioned at all. It requires a small effort, both by the society and the producers and buyers. Our society needs a more efficient definition of the strategy for tobacco production, as it is a traditionally important crop in our country. This means providing a legal climate - economic and social, in which production will take place. Thereby, the producer should strictly adhere to the agreed quantities and varieties of tobacco with the buyer, who in turn should ensure a constant business purchase policy, which will stimulate production together with the community.
Keywords: Stabilization, Standard, Tobacco Production, Incentives For Support And Development, Production Structure, Purchase Prices.

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