European Peacebuilder – Dialogue in Adult Education Handbook

Kozakou, Eliza and Cam, Zélie and Barthel, Martin and Rojek, Elżbieta and Herceg Kolman, Nikolina and Salvati, Federico and Bandov, Goran and Gerasimoski, Saše and Rajkovcevski, Rade and Trajkovska, Vesna and Stojanovski, Aleksandar and Gjorgjievski, Martin and Diallo, Garba and Söyünmez, Anja and Altıntaş, Volkan and Kolman, Igor and Zakrevska, Svetlana (2022) European Peacebuilder – Dialogue in Adult Education Handbook. Manual. Comparative Research Network e.V., Berlin, Germany.

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It has long been established that peace is not mere absence of armed conflict. We are not at peace with each others imply because we are not fighting at ascertain moment in time, nor do we have to agree on everything and be free of any conflict of opinion to live in peace. Dalai Lama famously said: ”Peace does not mean an absence of conflicts; differences will always be there. Peace means solving these differences through peaceful means; through dialogue,education, knowledge; and through humane ways”. That “humane”, positive notion of peace, therefore, calls for along-term and never-ending effort to develop and support all social constructs and practices that have the capacity tomaintain and facilitate peaceful coexistence. It can also be used and implemented not only post-conflict, but also in every stage of conflict, as a tool to prevent a violent conflict. At the very core of the concept of peacebuilding lies the idea of dialogue– developing and implementing practices and institutions that actively promote empathy, understanding and cooperation within societies and between them. One of the most effective of these practices, with greatest potential to build long-term, resilient peace is education. Itt is this very idea of dialogue in education for peace that brought together academics and NGOs of the DIAproject (Dialogue in Adult PeaceEducation), in an effort to collect good practices from different parts of Europe. Comparative Research Network (Germany- coordinator), Aufbruch Neukölln(Germany), Crossing Borders (Denmark),Plan Be Plan It Be It (Cyprus),Stowarzyszenie “Dla Ziemi” (Poland),Ukrainian Network of Adult Education and Development of Innovations-UNAEDI (Ukraine), University of Zagreb(Croatia) and University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, Bitola – UKLO (Macedonia),joined forces and worked together formore than two years to gather and present European projects and practices for peacebuilding. As a transnationalproject, DIA aimed to heelproofpean exchange on peace education methods as well as to produce relevantand transferable results, quickly applicablein other countries. As a result of thoseefforts, this eBook of smart methodsoutlies 32 good practices of education fordialogue and peace, with every partnercontributing with 4 practices, and coveringfour main areas of the project -peacebuilding, conflict management,community building and social inclusion.It is our hope that trainers, teachers andlearners in all education sectors, as well asNGOs, will find this eBook a useful tool intheir practices and projects. An intensiveexchange of experiences and goodpractices could help adult educators toimprove their competences and skills bylearning from others. Adopting and using the DIA practices could also provide them with a potentially new approach for assessing learning needs and outcomes and monitoring teaching processes. Enjoy reading and using this eBook. Furthermore, we hope that the eBook will benefit everyone interested in dialogue for peace - refugees and migrants, refugee women, socially excluded children and young people, IDPs, youth leaders, students, women, civil society organizations, journalists, local authorities and all relevant ministries and agencies. Thuss, the DIA project and this eBook will, hopefully, help create innovative synergies and approaches and permit to build bridges between public and private actions, formal and non-formal education, research and practice, and, in doing so, consequently promote dialogue and cooperation for peace. Enjoy reading and using this eBook.

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