Delinikolova, Eleonora and Jankuloska, Vezirka (2022) THE INFLUENCE OF CERTAIN LEADING FACTORS ON THE DEVELOPMENT OF INSULIN RESISTANCE AND PROPOSED DIETARY MODELS AS NUTRITION THERAPY. International Journal Knowledge, 54 (3). pp. 431-436.

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People’s way of life is being formed under influence of the geographical, ecological, political, cultural
and religious environment and it is about the characteristics of the population in certain region, place and time. The
health of one’s person, the physical, social and mental well - being are under influenced by the lifestyle. The way of
living, working and functioning can be a reason for development of a certain conditions called illness of the
lifestyle. They include: obesity, heart diseases, diabetes, cancer etc. These illnesses usually develop slowly and if
timely intervention is made, through changing the habits that decrease the exposure of potential risk factors, can
prevent or delay the beginning of the disease. Main risk factors for development of insulin resistance and diabetes
are nutrition and lifestyle habits. On the other hand, they are also main tools that can help in prevention and
improvement of the condition.
This research assesses the influence of certain risk factors and quality of the lifestyle in people with insulin
resistance that have increased body mass. It is chosen a group of 175 people, from which 103 are women and 73
men, aged above 25 years, and have increased body mass index (BMI) (BMI>25 kg/m2) and have hyperinsulinemia.
A statistically significant difference was determined (p˂0,028), between BMI and HOMA-IR. Most of them have a
sedentary lifestyle. From the group that is in employment (69 people), the work isn’t related to physical activity.
Most often, they practice walking as an additional physical activity, once or twice a week, in duration of 30 to 45
minutes. Biggest part of the people in the selected group (118 people), have regular sleep-in duration of one day.
Professional support with instructions for a hygienic-diet regimen that would reduce body mass, education for
nutrition and changing of lifestyle habits are needed, to achieve timely prevention and decrease of the insulin
resistance, and with that to stop or to delay its progression towards diabetes.

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