Business Ethics and Social Responsibility in Tourist Organizations in Terms of Changing Environment

Arnaudov, Kliment and Koseska, Elena (2012) Business Ethics and Social Responsibility in Tourist Organizations in Terms of Changing Environment. Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences.

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Businesses cannot be isolated because employees depend on the business. Customers, suppliers and local community are also under the influence of the organizations, inclusively the tourist ones. The services that the tourist organizations offer are the ways they are conducted have their impact on the vicinity. These aspects are part of the social responsibility of an organization i.e. the corporate social responsibility. Corporate social responsibility means taking responsibility for all the activities and following the principles that can be modified and applied regardless of the size of the business. Every organization has its own characteristics. Leaders form the characteristics by shaping the organizational goal i.e. organizational mission and basic organizational values that are transferred to the employees and by which their behaviour influenced. The management of the organization must be certain that the goal, mission and basic organizational values that have already been approved in the tourist organization, will be accepted by all those that will influence or will have any benefit from it. Tourist agencies social responsibility can be defined as “success in the business activities that is gained not only by adhering the laws and regulations, but by approach that accomplishes balance between economic, ecological and social goals, on a way that is useful for the citizens, community and society”. Tourist agencies in order to deal with the social needs have to decide how to outrun the minimal conditions and responsibilities that are part of the law and labor agreement. That is another argument for the social responsibility of the tourist organizations as a concept with worldwide meaning connected to the maintainable development, competition initiation, economy development and creation of new working positions

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