Review of autochthonous sheep breeds populations in Pelagonia region: evolution, challenges and future perspectives

Zdraveski, Igor and Dameski, Pance and Pejcinovska, Natasa and Petrovska, Natasa and Petrovska, Biljana and Karabolovski, Nikola and Dodovski, Petar and Angelovska, Maja Review of autochthonous sheep breeds populations in Pelagonia region: evolution, challenges and future perspectives. Treći simpozijum Zaštita agrobiodiverziteta i očuvanje autohtonih rasa domačih životinja. pp. 81-89. ISSN ISBN 978-86-83115-42-6

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Pelagonia region is populated with 16.9% of total sheep population in North
Macedonia. Ovcepolian type of Pramenka is the most frequent autochthonous
population rearing this region. Crosses of different breeds are also present
in large percentage, mostly crosses with Merino and Awassi. Autochthonous
sheep farms are mainly small family farms comprises 20 to 200 heads, rarely
exceeding 300, mostly depending on farm capacity and economic performanc�es. Extensive farming system of production, mainly transhumance, is practiced
more than semi-intensive or intensive. Most of the farms are local business with
conventional approach of supply chain in milk production but artisanal and
peasant approach are also evident. The declining trend in population of au�tochthonous sheep breed in recent years is evident and it is related to many fac�tors that diminishes the interest for local sheep breeds. Measures taken through
initiatives and programs provide positive movement but there are things that
are still missing. This review gives a brief overview of taken suitable strategies
for development and maintenance of the local breeds as a traditional heritage
with all benefits for sustainable rural development.
Key words: autochthonous breeds, development, Pelagonia region

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