Gerginova, Tatjana (2016) ROLE OF CORPORATE SECURITY. Available at:, 1. pp. 490-498. ISSN ISBN 978-961-6821-59-9 (pdf)

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abSTraCT Purpose: within labor, the author will identify the term corporate security and elements for the efficient operation of the corporation as a modern business entity. At the end of the paper, the author gives recommendations for improvement and development of corporate security in general. methods: The author establishes that the proposed research is applicable and will be an analysis of the term corporate security and corporate security objectives and values of the corporation. The exercise of corporate security requires constant monitoring and making analyzes of crime, developing a program for the prevention of crime and the Program for education and development of a safety culture of employees, achieving the reliability of the business success of the corporation. findings: In security theory and practice, there are substantial differences in the determination of the term “corporate security”, and thus also in terms of its content because the true nature and scope of the field of corporate security is difficult to determine. Also there is a certain division in opinions on what should be of great interest to corporate security, and in order not to enter the field of interest of private security. In this context, some authors even identify these two terms. reserach limitations: The actual shape and volume of crime at the expense of individuals and property companies cannot be accurately displayed. This is because the “dark figure of crime” is particularly high among the crimes against property and against official duty. The pluralism of ownership relations, new forms of threats to persons and property companies in new economic conditions on the one hand and the role of the police and the organization and activity in the system for providing, in turn, further complicate and deepen this problem in the countries of former yugoslavia. originality: To ensure proper functioning of the corporation and protection from criminal conduct, it is necessary to continuously take a number of measures and activities by the corporation and by cooperating with the police, the Public Revenue office and other relevant state institutions. keywords: corporate security, objectives of corporate security, values of the corporation

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