Gerginova, Tatjana (2020) HATE SPEECH - TERMS AND REMARKS. “Hate Speech and the Concept of Hate Crimes: Acts of Perception and Compulsory Social Conformism”, 1. ISSN ISBN 978-608-4670-12-4

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Freedom of speech and expression of thought is a fundamental human right. The ability to express an opinion and share information is a valuable indicator of the democratic capacity and institutional set-up of democracy in societies. However, there are situations where freedom of expression can be abused and transformed into hate speech. For example, certain individuals and groups may express ideas about the superiority of a particular race, religion, or nation with the intention of humiliating anyone who does not belong to "their" group as well as calling for persecution, isolation, and even genocide. Furthermore, the author will talk about protected features that represent a very important aspect of the concept of hate speech, and the author will identify bias indicators / indicators as objective criteria by which judgment on possible hate speech can be judged. Finally, in this paper, the author recommends that the fight against hate speech should be based on a threepronged approach: developing positive policies; protection through administrative and civil laws / procedures and the provision of criminal sanctions.
Keywords: hate speech, protected features, bias indicators for prejudice

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