National Security Agency in the Republic of North Macedonia

Gerginova, Tatjana (2020) National Security Agency in the Republic of North Macedonia. ЗБОРНИК од Меѓународнанаучнаистручнаконференција: „Реформатананационалниотбезбедносенсистемво контекстнаНАТОиЕУинтеграцијата“ (1). pp. 174-183.

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In the introductory part of the paper the author will provide some definitions of security, national security, security system. The author will further define the role of the Security and Counter-intelligence Bureau and explain the need for reforms in the security and intelligence community of the Republic of North Macedonia with particular reference to the role of the National Security Agency. The author will also explain the reasons for the need for the National Security Agency to be established as a new independent state administration body for the purpose of ensuring the internal security of the state and carrying out counter-intelligence activities, with the aim of creating a reformed, professional, independent and accountable institution. The subject of research in this paper is the Reform of the Security Intelligence Services in the Republic of North Macedonia. The purpose of the research is to establish a credible security system based on European standards and practices. Keywords: security, national security, National security agency, Security and counterintelligence directorate

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