The role of a leader during digital transformation

Galovska, Biljana and Petrovska, Biljana (2021) The role of a leader during digital transformation. VI Меѓународна научна конференција – Современите менаџерски предизвици и организациските науки. pp. 102-107. ISSN 978-608-4729-10-5

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In everyday work, communication and processes, we come across a number of concepts from the digital world, and digital transformation has been mentioned more and more recently. It is no longer a matter of choice - it is inevitable, necessary and inevitable. The word "transformation" describes a process in which we undergo a certain change and it has been going on for some time. Digital transformation refers to a process that begins from the moment an organization begins to consider the introduction of digital technologies in all areas of business and lasts until the moment of their full integration. However, digital transformation also involves individuals, it is not enough just to introduce digital technology to the business, it is also important to educate employees and have good leadership that will implement that process Good management teams in the age of digitalization pay attention to cultivating not only leadership competencies and sets of new skills that make the whole process easier, but also the necessary way of thinking in order to build authentic and passionate communities of leaders who would handle the changes. These teams simply do not reshape the relationship between leaders and followers, they unleash the talents of each individual who would contribute to a successful digital transformation process. This raises the question of what new digital leaders should develop and what role they play in the organization in a time of digital transformation.
Keywords: leader, digital transformation, management teams

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