The costumers satisfaction with quality of the offered conditions in matical veterinary clinics

Petrovska, Biljana and Petrovska, Natasa and Galovska, Biljana (2020) The costumers satisfaction with quality of the offered conditions in matical veterinary clinics. Macedonian international journal of marketing, 6 (11). pp. 58-67. ISSN ISSN-1857-9787

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The existence of any business has one fundamental goal - maximizing profits. The achievement of this goal depends on a number of factors (competitiveness in the market, the prices of services offered, good management, marketing, competence of staff, direct communication between all participants in the process, etc.). The consumers are the end users of everything a business has to offer and the best indicator of the direction of its movement. In the field of veterinary medicine, the competition is really great. The multitude of veterinary clinics are faced with a great challenge, primarily in terms of offering quality services to the users of those services the owners of productive animals or pets. Here, the survival of any veterinary clinic requires continuous improvement of the quality of the offered services, as well as the analysis, evaluation and taking of corrective measures if there is any customers’ dissatisfaction which includes not only the curative but also the prevention itself. The research in this paper aims to perceive the customers' satisfaction with the quality of services offered in the veterinary clinics. The focus is on farmers - owners of productive livestock from the Pelagonija and Skopje regions. To achieve our goal, we used a questionnaire that gave respondents the opportunity to give their answer in terms of their perceptions. Parameters for assessing the satisfaction with the quality of the offered services were: customer expectations from the veterinary clinic in terms of professionalism of the veterinarians, trust, established communication, pricing, as well as evaluation of the cooperation so far. The general conclusion is that the service users are satisfied with the overall cooperation with the primary veterinary clinic.
Keywords: Primary veterinary clinic, customer-owners of productive cattle, pleasure, quality, service.

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Divisions: Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
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Date Deposited: 18 Jun 2021 13:12
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