Information for management personal about terms coaching and neuro-lingvistic programming

Galovska, Biljana and Petrovska, Biljana and Petrovska, Natasa (2018) Information for management personal about terms coaching and neuro-lingvistic programming. Macedonian international journal of marketing, 4 (8). pp. 127-134. ISSN ISSN-005.95-057.17:159.92

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Recently the terms coaching and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) are becoming more current in our country. Coaching is a process that raises the “sleeping” resources in people. It combined with NLP techniques and operational strategies can produce wonders, because NLP is a supreme methodology for personal and professional development. The coaching process becomes a necessary "need" in managerial work and aims to give meaning that everything starts from ourselves that is, by becoming aware of ourselves and our own personal development, we come to the point that "a good and satisfied person is a good manager" connecting the private with the business life in harmony and complement each other, which contributes to achieving better results. From here the question arises whether the managers in the Bitola region are informed about the term coaching and NLP, what it means to them and whether they are ready for a process in which they would face themselves. This is not about "bad" managers or employees, but it's about people who want to progress, starting with themselves, and thus being an example for those around them. The research included managers and executives from larger private and state enterprises from Bitola. 80% of them heard about the term coaching, but not about its meaning, while about 99% had never heard of the term Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Also, the percentage of 95% is worrying which shows that neither managers nor employees have attended any training of this type. But the fact that all respondents are ready and willing to learn more about the above is encouraging.
Keywords: coaching process, NLP-neuro linguistic programming, managers, training, professional development

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