Korunovski, Saso and Marinoski, Naume and Andreeski, Cvetko and Nestoroska, Ivanka and Risteski, Michael (2019) SUB-STRATEGY FOR DEVELOPMENT OF CULTURAL TOURISM IN THE REPUBLIC OF N. MACEDONIA. Ministry of Economy of Republic of N. Macedonia.

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Tourism as a multidimensional and multifactorial occurrence has become a global phenomenon that is developing at an unprecedented pace. Contemporary tourism development reveals specificities which are directed towards expanding tourist demand. The trends in the expansion of demand are moving towards increasing the quantity of activities and services in the tourist offer, but also improving the quality of services provided. It is especially important that tourist demand is looking for new experiences. The mass coastal tourism is being replaced with interesting and attractive forms of tourism. From this emerges and develops cultural tourism and the development of different subtypes and contents within it
Hence emerged the need for preparing this strategic document which together with the Sub-Strategies for Rural and Active Tourism should represent a strategic framework for tourism development in RN Macedonia. This is especially important in the modern conditions of operation in tourism when competitiveness is continuously increasing. Thus, RN Macedonia can become an attractive tourist destination for different types of tourism such as active, rural and cultural tourism.
This Sub-Strategy covers analyses that determine the current state of tourism, i.e. cultural tourism in our country. The regional approach explores the various potentials for tourism development, in order to determine the spatial units and locations that have the most favorable opportunities for active inclusion in the newly created attractive tourism products and culture-related content. Namely, the planning regions in RN Macedonia have significant cultural resources that are underutilized in the tourism - developmental sense. Furthermore, tourism development over the past decade has been characterized by unbalanced regional development which has a negative impact on the overall socio-economic developmental trends. In this direction is also the preparation of this strategic document that should balance out these uneven occurrences in tourism in RN Macedonia. It will be the basis for creation of attractive and highly competitive cultural - tourist products and contents.
Within this Sub-Strategy proposed are measures and activities aimed at improving the situation in tourism. Such measures are determined by the situation analysis, valorized values, mapped and zoned potentials. The ultimate goal is to increase the number of tourists in all planning regions, as well as to attract a more quality tourist clientele. Particularly within the cultural - tourist movements participate people with higher payment opportunities. The development of cultural tourism in a given area does not only generate economic and social benefits for the local community, but also directly affects the protection and promotion of cultural resources and attractions.

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