Efekat niacin u regulacijimetabolizmakrava u ranojlaktaciji

Hristovska, Talija and Cincovic, Marko and Belic, B and Djokovic, R (2015) Efekat niacin u regulacijimetabolizmakrava u ranojlaktaciji. XX savetovanje obiotehnologiji, Cacak. pp. 405-410.

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Niacin is of great importance for the energy metabolism, because it is incorporated in the coenzyme nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD), which participates in a number of oxidative-reduktacionih reactions in anabolic pathways (NADPH/NADP) and catabolic pathways (NADH/NAD). Niacin, which is administered orally can be found as a rumen not protected niacin or rumen protected niacin. Encapsulated technology can dramatically increase bioavailability of components in the small intestine. By reducing the concentration of NEFA in cows fed rumen protected with niacin postpartum is possible lead to a reduction in accumulation and triglycerides. Insulin is involved in the reaction of niacin with glucose in the blood. Due to the above niacin can play an important role in the regulation of metabolic stress in cows in early lactation. A potential mechanism through which niacin exerts its effect on lipid metabolism is reflected in its impact on insulin resistance in cows.

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