The investments sectoral structure as a factor for development acceleration

Karadjova, Vera (2020) The investments sectoral structure as a factor for development acceleration. HORIZONS INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL, Series A, Social Sciences and Humanities, Year XIII, Volume 26, 26. pp. 221-233. ISSN 1857-9884

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Having in mind the close interactive connections between individual activities or sectors of each national economy, directing investments in certain sectors of the economy produces effects, rarely multiplicative on other activities. In this sense, the sectoral structure of investments can be an important factor in development acceleration. The analysis of the structure of the economy through the answer to one of the basic questions in the economy (what, how much and how, where and for whom it is produced) determines the current aggregate supply, but at the same time gives predictions to overcome the weaknesses and disproportions in the current economic structure through sectoral direction of future investments. The economic structure policy and investment policy that is related to the previous one is an immanent need not only in planning oriented economies, but also in economies with significant market orientation. Proper investment policy creates preconditions for exploiting the comparative advantages of the economy, harmonizing the ratio of imports and exports, improving the country's balance of payments position, increasing employment and accelerating growth.
The paper will analyze the sectoral structure of investments in RN Macedonia, as well as a comparative analysis with some of the neighboring countries and EU countries, in order to propose conclusions for the sectors of the economy that should be emphasized in the forthcoming period.
KEY WORDS: investments, sectoral structure, development, investment policy

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