The Role of School Leaders in the Development of Student’s Creative and Innovative skills

Stojanovska, Vesna (2018) The Role of School Leaders in the Development of Student’s Creative and Innovative skills. Godisnjak Srpske Akademije obrazovanja, XIII. pp. 35-51. ISSN 1820-5461

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The role of school leaders is crucial to school development and the overall school approach to teaching and learning. Although creative and innovative skills are normally an integral part of school culture, still are not always set as a priority. Consequently, the teaching practices of creative teachers are not always completely in line with the culture they experience as their working context, neither are rewarded or accepted by school managers. All this emphasizes the importance of school leadership in supporting and respecting teachers' efforts to implement and experiment with creative and innovative pedagogical practices.
The goal of this paper is to shed some light on the importance of school leadership in creating adequate conditions in an organizational context that favor the development of creative and innovative skills among students. This paper also offers a review of the attitude of 25 school leaders in primary schools on whether there are favorable conditions for the development of creativity and innovation, inside and outside the school as an organization.
Key words: creativity, innovative skills, school leadership

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