Manner of keeping and welfare of cows and heifers

Petrovska, Biljana and Gacovski, Zivko and Petrovska, Natasa and Zdraveski, Igor and Cilev, Goce and Dimeski, Zlatko and Fejzulah, Fejzula (2014) Manner of keeping and welfare of cows and heifers. International Conference-20 years of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine-Sofia.

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Unlike the past, today more attention is paid to animal welfare in every aspect. Human concern for animal welfare is based on the awareness that the animals are sentient beings and therefore we should pay attention to their well-being, especially when they are used for food, for experimental purposes, as pets or in other ways.
In R. Macedonia in January 2008 came into force the Law on Protection and Welfare of Animals (Official Gazette, No.113/2007) in which, among other things, minimum requirements are laid down for the protection and welfare of farm animals in relation to their breeding, accommodation and care. Each kind of farm animal has adequate physical and social needs to be met throughout his life. It is therefore necessary to apply the system of breeding animals which will meet their needs and allow maximum production with high quality.
The purpose of this research is to make a comparative analysis on the storage and welfare of cows and heifers in different farms on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia.
From the obtained results it can be concluded that in our country still prevails a bound system of keeping animals, however maximal efforts are made so that in the future this bound system crosses to a free system as it is practiced in many countries in Europe and beyond.

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