Researching the company’s competitiveness in the purchase of milk in the Bitola region

Petrovska, Natasa and Petrovska, Biljana and Zdraveski, Igor (2013) Researching the company’s competitiveness in the purchase of milk in the Bitola region. Bulgarian Journal of Veterinary Medicine, 16. pp. 220-227.

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Introduction: Company’s competitiveness is the rivalry of two or more companies which are aimed at the same customers and markets. Competitiveness in the last thirty years became one of the most analyzed economic phenomena, due to the growing number of companies related to the exchange of goods and services as well as the areas of capital flow.
Aim: The aim of this study is the company’s competitiveness of the diaries in the purchase of milk in the Bitola region.
Material and methods: By using a method of analysis of documentation and comparative analysis the research is based on the data taken from the Food and Veterinary Agency of the Republic of Macedonia, for three diaries in the Bitola region: AD IMB Bitola, Zdravje Radovo and Ideal – Shipka.
Results: Purchase of milk is based on the quality of milk in accordance with the provisions of the Rulebook on the quality of milk and pure cultures. According to this regulation the мilk should be a pure product obtained by proper milking of healthy cows, to have a characteristic smell and taste, to contain at least 3.2% milk fat, to contain at least 8.5% dry matter, cooled below 8oC, without the presence of antibiotics. Depending on the number of dairy cows and the quantity of received milk each diary purchases certain quantity of milk. For the purchase of milk a price is formed according to the rulebook for purchase of milk adopted in 2002. According to this regulation the forming of the price is determent by the content of milk fat, protein, somatic cells and total number of bacteria.
Conclusion: Based on the research results, the quantity of milk purchased by diaries in the Bitola region is determined. From those results a conclusion can be drawn that the company’s competitiveness is present and it is conditioned by the successful management and marketing, as well as the influence of certain social and political factors.

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