Atanasoska, Tatjana and Andonovska-Trajkovska, Daniela and Cvetkova Dimov, Biljana (2016) USE OF THE INTERNET – SUPPORT FOR TEACHING AND LEARNING IN THE PRIMARY EDUCATION IN MACEDONIA. Conference: DIsCO 2016: Towards Open Education and Information Society, 11. pp. 147-156. ISSN 978-80-86302-62-1

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Since we live in society in which effects of the globalization are most notable, we have to take into consideration the fact that obtaining openness of the institutions in many stances is the key to success and prosperity. Knowing the importance of the Internet nowadays for multidimensional communication among different subjects in the educational process, the focus of this paper is on the use of the Internet in the teaching and learning process in the primary education in R. Macedonia. Surveys for teachers and learners were conducted, and descriptive statistics was used for the analysis. The results brought us to a conclusion that the teachers integrate ICT into the process of teaching and learning, but they point to the fact that there are many gaps in the use of the internet, especially in the teaching and learning Macedonian language and literature. The main obstacle is that they are lack of educational resources in Macedonian language, which can be a real issue, especially with the students in lower grades. On the other hand, they feel satisfied with the effort of the Ministry of Informatics Society of Macedonia regarding the digitalization of the school books that are approved to be used in schools. Additional aspect of the acknowledged gap in the usage of the Internet is that the teachers don’t have knowledge and facilities to use this resource with the students with special educational needs. The majority of the teachers aren’t in the position to enjoy what the open education offers in global frames, nowadays, because they don’t have the necessary skills to do so, they are either less proficient in English, and either they do not have the needed level of media literacy and knowledge.

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