Usage of Data Warehouse for Data Preparation for the Needs of the State Statistical Office of the Republic of Macedonia and How Was Transparent Data Dissemination Achieved

Savoska, Snezana and Manevska, Violeta and Neshkovska, Silvana (2012) Usage of Data Warehouse for Data Preparation for the Needs of the State Statistical Office of the Republic of Macedonia and How Was Transparent Data Dissemination Achieved. In: NISPA 2012, May 2012, Ohrid.

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The State Statistical Office (SSO) is an institution which is in charge of collecting, processing and analyzing data concerning relevant entities in the Republic of Macedonia, as well as, data dissemination in adequate modes for gaining transparent insight.
The main objective of the paper will be:
 Detection of the necessary organizational changes for implementation of Data Warehouse (DW), organizational culture, collection modes, transformation and utilization of data to obtain the required transparent data for public usage;
As the main objective of the paper is rather complex, the following research questions should be looked into with considerable deliberation:
 What organizational changes have been introduced in the SBS to achieve successful implementation of DW?
 What kind of organizational culture is needed to implement such a complex project; how was it achieved; what barriers had to be overcome?
 What were the expected benefits of the project implementation?
 What are the sources of DW of the SBS, the formats and the coded systems in which they were prepared and how is the preparation for filling DW carried out?
 To what extent are these processes automatic?
 In what way has the business logic applied in data processing and preparation for obtaining sector aggregated data been defined?
In order to find the answers to the abovementioned questions, a detailed analysis of the organizational, financial and other requirements concerning the introduction of such a complex data structure called data warehouses , as well as the sources of data and the mechanisms needed for their filling are needed. The support needed in this process both of organizational and technical nature is a topic of interest as well.
The methods used in the research imply usage of:
 Interview with the employees in the management structures and the IT sector aimed at detecting information for implementation in the data warehouses;
 Analytical method for researching sources of data in the SSO and their attributes, used formats and coded systems, mechanisms for collection, filling, cleansing, transformation and preparation of data for further usage;
 Analysis of business processes and software tools used as a part of the overall process of preparation and analysis of ready-made data which are subject of dissemination by the SSO and their quality;
Results and conclusions of the research:
 Implementation of data warehouses is a complex process which is profoundly concerned with the organizational culture and it requires core organizational changes;
 Successful implementation requires unconditional support on the part of top management, i.e. strict sponsorship;
 The benefits of the implementation come after the implementation and the filling of DW and they depend on the extent to which DW architecture has been successfully set.

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