Nutritive Business Models of Consumer Behavior when Purchasing Foodstuffs

Martinovski, Sasko and Spirovska Vaskoska, Rozita (2015) Nutritive Business Models of Consumer Behavior when Purchasing Foodstuffs. JOURNAL OF SOCIETY FOR DEVELOPMENT OF TEACHING AND BUSINESS PROCESSES IN NEW NET ENVIRONMENT IN B&H. ISSN 1840-1503

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Nowadays, various methods are used as a support
to many companies in the study of the behavior
of consumer when they are purchasing food
products. The success of the operations of these
companies greatly depends on having a lot of information
about the consumers that purchase the
products and on detecting of the buying patterns
of top customers and predicting their behavior.
The subject of research of this paper is the consumer
behavior when purchasing food products, its
modeling and a particular emphasis is put on the inclusion
of the nutrition determinant in the decision
making in the modeling. The general objective is
to develop a business model of consumer behavior,
and the specific goal is to develop a nutritional
business model of consumer behavior.
This paper presents an original concept of
modeling in order to create business model of consumer
behavior when purchasing food products.
The model was built using modern technologies
such as GIS and methods of data mining. In the
second part of the research, a partial validation of
the model is made with data collected from a survey
conducted on students. The analysis included
statistical methods.
Conclusion: Nutritional patterns of consumer
behavior will enable obtaining of information on
the impact and role of the nutrition determinant on
consumer behavior and the need to improve and
produce healthy food. The benefits could be threefold:
to benefit the companies through greater profits,
to benefit the citizens through consumption of
healthy and safe food products and in the end, to
benefit the country.

Key words: business model, nutritional business
model of consumer behavior, modeling, GIS,
data mining, nutrition.

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