Martinovski, Sasko and Simovska, Vera (2015) NUTRITIVE BUSINESS MODELS OF CONSUMER BEHAVIOR WHEN PURCHASING FOOD STUFFS. Federation of the sports pedagogues of the Republic of Macedonia, Research in Kinesiology, International Journal of Kinesiology and Other Related Sciences. ISSN 1857-7687

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Most companies, whose business is the manufacturing
of food, thoroughly investigate consumer-buyers’ decisions
in order to meet their needs, wants and desires.
The focus of this research is how consumers respond
to various marketing strategies of companies. Analysis
of patterns of consumer behavior cannot answer
these questions. It is important to use modern technology
for building models of consumer behavior, when
consumers are buying food products. One of these is
the Geographic Information System (GIS). The subject
of this research paper is to create nutrition models of
consumer behavior when purchasing food products in
which emphasis is given to the determinant nutritional
properties of food products. The goal is to develop
a model which could be used in the marketing of the
companies whose business is manufacturing of food
products, a model that will provide an understanding
of consumer decisions regarding the nutritional properties
of food products.
In this paper we applied an original concept of modeling
for building a business model of consumer behavior,
when purchasing food products. The model is built
on the principle to provide greater clarity and full understanding
of the process that is built into the model.
An implementation of the model has been done with
data from a survey conducted among students studying
nutrition and food technology and biotechnology,
enrolled in the first and second cycle at the Faculty of
Technology and Technical sciences - Veles.
The result is comprised from survey responses from consumers.
The results were based on a set of relationships
between the determinants in the model and they relate
to the choice criteria for the purchase of food products.
Building a good nutrition model of consumer behavior
when purchasing food can help companies whose
business is the manufacture of food products, in order
to get answers to questions about their marketing strategy,
and the need for improvement, reformulation and
production of healthy food, and the role of nutritional
characteristics of consumer behavior. The benefits could
be threefold: companies benefit through higher profits,
benefits for citizens through consumption of healthy
and safe food and economic benefit for the state.

Key words: Consumer behavior model, Modeling, GIS,
Nutrition, Food.

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