Self-Explanatory Nutrition Business Models of Consumer Behavior

Martinovski, Sasko (2016) Self-Explanatory Nutrition Business Models of Consumer Behavior. International Journal of Business and Management Invention. ISSN ISSN (Online): 2319-8028, ISSN (Print): 2319-801X

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Research on the degree of influence of nutritional properties (labeling) of foodstuffs on
consumer behavior shows an increasing trend, and therefore, the successful operation of large companies may
depend on the inclusion of the nutritional status determinant in their food stuffs. Although consumer behavior is
complex and different, it has structural and functional characteristics which can efficiently be simulated with
modeling, and later on the basis of the generated model, to create software which is powerful and easy to use.
The research subject of this paper is the use of modeling for creating business models of consumer behavior
when purchasing food products, by including the determinant of nutritional status and involving a selfexplanatory
component. The first objective is to develop a nutrition business model of consumer behavior in
order to obtain information on the extent of the impact of nutritional labeling when buying food products and
information related to significant new elements of the nutritional determinant that should be included in
foodstuffs. The second objective is to implement in the business model an explanation of that model so that the
user could obtain information on the methodologies used, i.e. an explanation of how the output was obtained in
correlation with the methodologies and model input.
This paper showcases a concept of modeling for building a business model of consumer behavior. The model is
developed by using modern technologies such as Geographic information system (GIS) and data mining. The
modeling is done in several stages in an entity-relationship diagram, by including a so called self-explanatory
component in the model. A partial implementation of the nutrition behavior pattern was done with data
obtained from the survey conducted among students enrolled in the first and second cycle at the Faculty of
Technology and Technical Sciences in Veles, R.Macedonia and the analysis included statistical methods and
data mining.

Keywords: Data Mining, GIS, Nutrition Business Model, Modeling, Self-explanatory

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