Tourist Product Quality Management as a factor for Sustain Excellence

Simoncheska, Lidija and Kosarkoska, Desa and Biljanoska, Jovanka and Karadjova, Vera (2006) Tourist Product Quality Management as a factor for Sustain Excellence. In: 24th EuroCHRIE CONGRESS, hosted and organized by the University of the Aegean, Thessaloniki, Greece, 25-28 October 2006, Thessaloniki, Greec.

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In the contemporary environment is very difficult, practically impossible to keep the position without introducing changes into the object of the work and in the manner of conducting the activities. Having on mind the speed and dynamics of the changes in the narrower and broader environment in a contemporary conditions the need for quality is becoming a critical factor for the enterprise existing and development, especially in tourism. Tourism as a specific industry products an output in an area of leisure where the requirements for quality are maybe the most expressed. Every business in order to be successfully implemented and to give the expected results has to take the quality as a general principle of the modern management and to find suitable implementation within the strategic management and within strategic planning as its part. Without that system of thinking, the risk and uncertainty that are accompanying any business are larger, and especially the financial risk.
The quality is the essence moment of competition differentiation. Therefore the business subject or the tourist enterprise, which is the issue of this paper, should develop all possible procedures, methods, internal and external influences i.e. all possible working strategies, and to choose the most unique, superior and different from the other ones. The chosen strategy should give an answer to the questions about how to make potential clients interested in the tourist enterprise services, how to gain their confidence and how to build image of permanent quality improvement.
So, this paper will elaborate some of the most important criterion's and indicators for tourist product quality, methods for quality evaluation and strategies for tourist product quality management.
Key words: tourist product, quality management, complex environment, competition, permanent quality improvement.

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