Human resource structure of the insurance institution and possible risk management strategies,

Karadjova, Vera and Simoncheska, Lidija (2007) Human resource structure of the insurance institution and possible risk management strategies,. In: International conference on Insurance, Customs and Freight-forwarding in XXI century "Contemporary trends in Insurance, Customs and Freight-forwarding at the beginning of XXI century", May 2007, Ohrid, Macedonia.

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Accepting as an axiom the fact that the risk exist, the challenge with which this paper confront is to suggest some theoretic- logical possible strategies of risk management from the view point of the human resources. Risks are integral part of every person live and every enterprise business and of the insurance in that frame, they could not be avoidant and pure logic direct to the fact that manners to live with them have to be found. Organizing as a management function in which managers effectively combine material, human, financial and information resources in direction of fulfilling the goals, have an implication on the process of management with pure and speculative risks present in an insurance company business. During the strategy define what to do, organization determine the manner how to do that. This paper elaborates the connection between insurance institution organizational structure and the risk itself, human resource structure and psychological moments of the manager as a person who is on a certain management position in an institution for insurance. In accordance with those philological characteristics, there are two basic strategies the managers can use: aggressive strategy or defensive strategy i.e. risks aversion strategy. This conception is in connection with qualitative aspects of risk management, whish are also part of this paper.

Key words: human resource structure, risk management strategies, aggressive strategy, defensive strategy, risk aversion strategy, risk management qualitative aspects

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