Comparative analysis of the Economic Structure - Factors and Disproportions

Karadjova, Vera (2013) Comparative analysis of the Economic Structure - Factors and Disproportions. In: The second International Conference “Employment, Education and Entrepreneurship”, 16-18 October 2013, Belgrade, Serbia.

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The analysis of each national economy as an economic reality begins with the study of economic structure, because through that study are revealed not only basic features and functioning of the economy as a whole, but also the structure and volume of production of goods and services, i.e. information about what, how and in which industries or sectors everything is produced. In that sense paper provides an overview of the Macedonia economic structure, the factors that determine the economic structure in general and the dominant factors that determine the structure of the Macedonian economy. As a result of this analysis one very important problem in every economy is recognized, the interconnectedness and interdependence of activities and branches and disproportions in the economic structure as a limiting factor for development in order to propose directions to overcome discrepancies in the structure. In addition, this paper makes a comparative analysis with some surrounding countries and the EU member countries. Using specific methods of economic structure analysis (input-output tables, material balances, etc.) can be determined whether and how a sector or branch is associated with other sector and branches, whether domestic production of some very important products is enough to satisfy the domestic needs or there is a need for import and so on. The structure as the percentage composition of the economy can be analyzed by: the share of individual sectors and activities in the creation of gross domestic product, percentage of employees or the active population in certain sectors, activities and branches (which means, in which sectors and industries the population is employed), the percentage of allocation, distribution of fixed assets in different sectors and branches (how and where, in which activities they are engaged). The paper also addresses the problem of unemployment.

Key words: Economic Structure, Factors, Disproportions, Comparative Analysis, Unemployment

JEL classification: O11, E24

UDC 338.1:330.44(082)

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