Risk of off-balance Sheet Activities - Measurement and Management

Karadjova, Vera (2015) Risk of off-balance Sheet Activities - Measurement and Management. International Scientific Journal HORIZONS, Series A, Social Sciences and Humanities, 17 (YearXI). pp. 129-138. ISSN 1857 -9884, 336.71:657.372

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Observable growing trend of off-balance sheet activities of economic entities, especially in financial institutions leads to a corresponding rise of the risks associated with them. Although the risk of off-balance sheet activities is present in all financial institutions, it is primarily immanent to banks more precisely to the big banks, and less for smaller deposit-taking institutions and insurance companies. Having in mind the term character of the off-balance sheet activities, they initiate future structure of assets and sources of financial institution and cannot stay away from risks that they face. Although the most of the financial innovations which are recorded off the balance sheet are created in purpose to restrict some of the risks (credit risk, interest rate risk, foreign exchange risk, etc.), however the speculative use of such instruments and the inadequate management of them could multiply the risks and losses of the financial institution.
Key words: off-balance sheet activities, balance line, risk, derivative instruments, financial institutions

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