Translating Culture

Neshkovska, Silvana and Kitanovska-Kimovska, Sonja (2018) Translating Culture. Horizons A, 22 (1). pp. 165-174.

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Culture is inextricably bound to translation. Transferring culture from a
source text (ST) to a target text (TT) is a fundamental aspect of the phenomenon
of translation. Translators are entrusted with the task of bridging cultural
differences and enabling TT receptors to understand the original message in its
entirety, just like its ST receptors. Taking into consideration the wide array of
culture-specific terms present in each language, it only follows logically that,
sometimes, these terms can be notoriously difficult to translate. However, many
translation theorists purport that difficult though it is to handle culture-specific
terms in translation, it is not entirely impossible. In that respect, they classify the
culture-specific terms in various domains and propose numerous translation
strategies for rendering culture-specific terms (e.g. borrowing, adaptation,
explanation, generalization, reduction, etc.), their general tendency being either
towards ‘domesticating’ or ‘foreignising’ the translated text as a whole.
Key terms: translation, culture-specific terms, strategies

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