Tourist animation- an indicator for quality tourist supply

Nestoroska, Ivanka (2006) Tourist animation- an indicator for quality tourist supply. Conference Proceedings of the 18 International biannual congress, “Tourism & Hospitality Industry 2006 – New Trends in Tourism & Hospitality Management”, Opatija, Croatia, May 3-6, 2006.

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Contemporary tourism is characterised with high level of competition among the represenatitives of tourist supply trying to strive on tourist market. The quality is a very important factor and it has dominant role in this process. An invetion of values based on a concept which will give the clients “new experience” is more and more important.
The tourist animation represents one of the segments of that concept taking significant role in reinventing client’s value. It is an indicator for the torusim development. The ability to exist on tourist market nowadays depends the most on the quality of tourist services. Because of this it needs carefull creation. The implementation of animation activities is in a very close relation with the enrichment of tourist supply. It will leed towards satisfying tourists’ needs and wishes in a way they want.
The satisfaction of the clients through animation has another effect, too. Reasearches indicate that an organized tourist supply with programs based on tourists’ active participation become more attractive for the tourists and it takes the place of the supply which is based only on natural, cultural and historical attractiveness. It proves, once again, that tourist animation becomes more important component in the creation of the quality tourist supply and, it is a tourists’ determinng factor.

Key words: Animation, tourism, quality, tourist supply, clients

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