Tourism and its environmental impacts

Nestoroska, Ivanka (2001) Tourism and its environmental impacts. Conference proceedings: 5-th international conference, “Multiplicative effects of tourism development”, Ohrid, R. Macedonia,2001.

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In last three decades, tourism is characterized with rapid increase, which in relatively short period became mass phenomenon.

As a result of its mass dimensions it generates positive effects which are reflected through employment increase, development of less developed or not developed regions or countries, involvement of different economic activities, protection of cultural and historical values, natural resources, environmental protection, etc.

But besides positive effects, tourism generates negative effects, too. It is particularly as a result of enormous exploitation of resources on which depends its development and, as a result of increased pollution and devastation of environment.

Because tourism has its “contribution” in disturbing normal environmental balance and, at same time in environment’s gradual destroying, it is very important to understand that, achieving sustainable tourism development has to be parallel with environmental protection.
Key words:
Tourism; environment; environmental impacts; sustainable tourism; development.

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