REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA AND REFUGEE CRISIS - between the hammer and the anvil

KEKENOVSKI, JOVE (2016) REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA AND REFUGEE CRISIS - between the hammer and the anvil. Horisons series A, 19. ISSN 1857-9884

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The European Union and most of the international community of the
refugee problem first seen as a problem in Syria, and later talk about a crisis
of Turkey and neighboring countries, but in no time at all it became clear
that the refugee issue is a global crisis. which should not be ignored, at least
to forget. The war in Syria began in 2011 but due to geopolitical turmoil in
the Middle East and the interference of the Islamic State, the situation in the
spring of 2013 escalated. This war has become brutal, and the wave of
refugees is more intense and more massive. The number of those who
wanted Europe from day to day on growing
European Union and candidate countries in the EU are faced with an
unprecedented wave of refugees. Regarding the issue of refugees The
European Union has long remained confused and divided. Refugee or
migrant crisis showed that the European system for crisis management is
nefukcionalen, that is not functioning single system for border management.
Past attempts to settle the refugee crisis by the European Commission and
the European Council have also drawn lack of coordination, the different
approaches and the lack of mutual trust between Member States. On the other hand this attitude to the crisis showed inconsistent policy of the Union and its cynical and unprincipled attitude towards the Western Balkans as well as lack of capacity for leadership in the coordination and management of current problems.
At the beginning of the crisis the Republic of Macedonia faced a shortage in terms of resources and lack of long-term strategy to deal with these challenges and despite all our past experience. Experience with several
such events on our territory as if it were a sufficient reason to build a system of protection and dealing with these challenges. All shares at the beginning of the crisis were prevzemeani on a daily basis without a serious strategy of action.
Our country was faced with the danger wave of refugees cause serious security and humanitarian crisis, although the trade, environmental and humanitarian and religious political implications daily felt by citizens. On
the other hand the lack of concrete will, serious and sincere coordination and cooperation with our southern neighbor, a member of the EU, led Macedonia
to monitor the situation directly and post festum, but also to bear the consequences of these developments. This could easily lead to tectonic forces not only in the Western Balkans but also in Europe, including the
Republic of Macedonia.

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