Mitrevski, Vangelce and Lutovska, Monika and Pavkov, Ivan and Mijakovski, Vladimir and Popovski, Filip (2015) THE POWER SERIES AS WATER SORPTION ISOTHERM MODELS., 39 (2). pp. 178-185. ISSN 1745-4530

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In this study, a power series which can generate different families of new watersorption isotherm models were presented. Experimentally obtained values forequilibrium moisture content of pear for three different temperatures, 15, 30 and45C, and water activities, from 0.112 to 0.920, as well as literature experimentalvalues for equilibrium moisture content of potato for three different tempera-tures, 30, 45 and 60C, and water activities, from 0.112 to 0.900, were fitted with thenewly generated sorption isotherm models plus the referent Anderson modelknown in the literature as Guggenheim-Anderson-de Boer (GAB) model. In orderto find which model gives the best results for approximation of experimentalsorption data, several statistical criteria proposed in scientific literature were used.For each model and experimental data set, the average performance index was cal-culated and models were ranked afterwards. After that, some statistical rejectioncriteria were checked (D’Agostino-Pearson test of normality, single-sample runtest, confidence intervals of estimated parameters, significance and precision ofthe model parameters). The performed statistical analysis shows that the twonewly generated three-parameter models, M32 and M34, give the better fit to thesorption data of pear than the referent three-parameter Anderson model, whileM32 gives the best fit to the sorption data of potato.

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