Some Recent Developments of Public Sector Entrepreneurship in Theory and Practice

Markovska, Monika and Milenkovski, Bozidar and Dimeski, Branko (2017) Some Recent Developments of Public Sector Entrepreneurship in Theory and Practice. Technical University of Sofia- Faculty of Management, Sozopol, Bulgaria. ISBN 1310-3946; 1314-6327

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Abstract. Following an introductory historical review of the basic theoretical thoughts of public
sector entrepreneurship in the literature and its value in the presence, the article gives an
integrated analysis of Marvin Pichla and Mitchell Weiss thoughts as one of the two most recent
crucial approaches in the study of public sector entrepreneurship. The next sections of the article
deal with the results of the extensive and detail research of professional curricula of public sector
study programs accredited by NASPAA and EAPAA. The results confirmed what Pichla and
Weiss concluded. In present, as in the past, public sector entrepreneurship both as an academic
area of study and practical training is much underestimated. The public sector academicians and
practitioners must start thinking that public entrepreneurship is entrepreneurship and give the
same value of public entrepreneurship as their counterparts in the private sector.
Keywords: public sector, entrepreneurship, curricula, NASPAA, EAPAA.

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