Corelations between risk factors and cardiovascular diseases in patients treated in clinical hospital in Bitola R.Macedonia

Mircevska, Lence and Mojsoska, Snezana and Ristevska, Stojna and Rajchanovska, Domnika and Filov, Izabela and Jovanovska, Tanja and Stojchevska-Prodanovska, Viktorija and Dimitrovska Ristevska, Gordana (2015) Corelations between risk factors and cardiovascular diseases in patients treated in clinical hospital in Bitola R.Macedonia. International Journal Scientiffic and Applicative papers, 8/1. pp. 424-425.

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Introduction: Cardiovascular diseases {CVD) as massive chronic non-communicable diseases, are the leading
cause of death in the population of R. Macedonia. The most frequent CVD are heart disease and strokes.
Objectives: analysis and correlation between individual risk factors and the occurrence of CVD to patients from
Bitola, after the completion of hospitalization. Material and methods: survey was conducted during the period
from 01.02 to 01.03.2015, in order to test the risk factors responsible for morbidity from CVD (smoking, highfat
diet, high blood pressure, inherited factor, alcohol consumption, physical activity, stress, BMI), with
coverage of 64 patients by sex, age (31-65), education, settlement. Results: More than respondents were male
(68.7%), the most common age is 61-65 years. (35.9%), with greater representation of respondents in urban
areas (81.3%). The most common risk factor for respondents is overweight (95.3%}, followed by stress (89.1%),
hypertension (79.7%), alcohol consumption (65.6%), lack of physical activity (56. 3%). A weaker correlation is
observed between smoking (53.1%) and between genetic factors (42.2%) and the emergence of CVD.
Conclusion: Cardiovascular diseases are significant socio-medical diseases in our environment. The most
significant risk factor for the occurrence of CVD is overweight. Of particular importance is the application of
measures of promotion and prevention, for prevention and suppression of CVD, implement measures to
prevent complications and reduce the rate of mortality.
Keywords: alcoholism; CVD; risk factors; promotion; prevention.

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