Cvetanovski, Ile and Atanasova, Vaska and Dančevska, Verica and Cvetanovska, Cvetanka MODERN TRANSPORT HANDLING UNITS IN INTERMODAL TRANSPORT. Horizons. ISSN 1857-9892

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The standard container 20 ft that is used today is the result of 200- year evolutionary process. The use of steel containers in a different dimensions, began in 1950. Innovative solutions in container transport, which today appear as a novelty, contribute to reducing transport costs, environmental protection, development of inter-modality in the transport process, or simply contribute these innovative solutions for sustainable transport system. During the global economic crisis, the transport of empty containers leads to increased costs to the carriers, the owners of containers, as well as users themselves of the transported goods. Since the space in transport is the mostimportant, the idea of assembled container is of great importance, especially for shipping, travel carriers, and container terminals. Accordingly, the next step in the evolutionary process in container transport will be the assembled containers.

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