Todorova, Malenkovska and Donceva, Radojka and Bunevska Talevska, Jasmina (2016) PHOTOCATALYSIS – A PROMISING TECHNOLOGY FOR SUSTAINABLE ROADS. Horizons. ISSN 1857-9892

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The design, construction and maintenance of roads will face a number of challenges in the coming decades. So, bearing in mind the environmental, economic and social trends, there is a need for creation of user – friendly transport system, as a combination of intelligence, low carbon energy and adaptable services.
Photocatalytic air cleaning is based on the use of titanium dioxide in building materials, on roads, freeway sound walls, in tunnels. This new techniquehas the potential for removing nitrogen oxides(NOx) and volatile organic compounds(VOCs), as well as reducing concentrations of toxic and irritating ozone from polluted air.
The possibilities for its application have been researched in Japan, there are some applications in Europe,(Belgium, Italy,France,and Netherlands), but it is obvious that there is a need for additional investigations oriented towards:better technology deployment, catalytic activity of available materials, the occurrence of adverse environmental consequences.

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