Private Security in Protection of Critical Infrastructures-Legal and Practical Aspects: Comparative Study of Macedonia and Slovenia

Saše Gerasimoski, SG and Andrej Sotlar, AS and Miha Dvojmoč, MD (2016) Private Security in Protection of Critical Infrastructures-Legal and Practical Aspects: Comparative Study of Macedonia and Slovenia. In: Proceedings of VII-th International Scientific Conference Contemporary Trends in Social Control of Crime. Faculty of Security, Skopje, pp. 33-46.

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Critical infrastructures usually include those assets and services which are essential for the country, and the disruption or destruction of which would have a significant impact on the national security, economy, vital social functions, health, protection as well as social well-being, as assessed by the criteria of the government of the state. Owners or operators of critical infrastructures are state bodies, companies, institutions and other organizations responsible for investing in or responsible for the operation of a particular infrastructure capacity, system or part thereof. Since many of assets and services are not of state property or organised by the state, governments usually regulate the protection of critical infrastructures by legislation, defining who and in to what extent is obliged to carry out measures for the protection of critical infrastructures. This is the opportunity for private security firms since rare institutions, companies and even state bodies are capable to organise security on their own. In the article, a comparative study of Macedonia and Slovenia regarding the protection of critical infrastructures with special emphasis on the role of private security is presented. The paper comprises comparative analysis of the legal documents and practices of critical infrastructure protection in both countries. Although the critical infrastructure protection in Macedonia is relatively new field of work within private security, a steady growth and development in the last decade can be observed, while Slovenian private security has played quite important role in critical infrastructure protection long before Slovenian government designated both, the European critical infrastructure located in Slovenia, as well as critical infrastructure of national importance.
Keywords: critical infrastructures, private security, Macedonia, Slovenia

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