Korubin - Aleksoska, Ana and Miceska, Gordana and Aleksoski, Jane (2014) PLANT BREEDING FOR CREATION OF LATE – MATURING ORIENTAL TOBACCO GENOTYPES. Тутун/Tobacco, 64 (1-6). pp. 5-11. ISSN 0494-3244

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Investigations were made with six oriental varieties of tobacco types Prilep, Djebel and Yaka (P-23, P-84, P103/2, P-76, Xanthi Djebel 1 and YV 125/3) and fifteen F1 hybrids for the characters flowering time and length of growing season from tobacco transplanting in field to the end of harvest. The field trial was set up in 2010 and 2011 in Tobacco Institute – Prilep in a randomized block design with four replications. All appropriate cultural practices were applied during the growing season. Statistical processing of data was performed by using the analysis of variance (ANOVA) The aim of this work was to study the mode of inheritance and to detect possible heterotic effects for the above biological characters, which will allow a selection of lines with longer growing season, higher productivity and some other positive characters inherited from the early-maturing parent. They would be promising genotypes intended for arid regions with poorer soils and longer growing season. The period from tobacco transplanting to 50% flowering in parental varieties ranged from 45 to 95 days in Xanthi Djebel-1 (XDj-1) and in P-76, respectively, while the period from transplanting to the end of leaf harvesting in these two genotypes ranged from 70 to 145 days. There were differences in inheritance of the two stages among hybrids. The most common types of inheritance were partial dominance and dominance. The early-maturing parent dominated in the first period, while the late-maturing parent dominated in the second period and there was also an appearance of heterosis.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: tobacco, diallel crosses, mode of inheritance, biological stages
Subjects: Scientific Fields (Frascati) > Agricultural Sciences > Agriculture, forestry and fisheries
Divisions: Scientific Tobacco Institute
Depositing User: Prof. d-r. Ana Korubin - Aleksoska
Date Deposited: 02 Apr 2020 18:43
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