Dimitrieski, Miroslav and Miceska, Gordana and Korubin - Aleksoska, Ana (2013) PRODUCTIONAL CHARACTERISTICS OF SOME ORIENTAL TOBACCO LINES RESISTANT TO BLACK SHANK (Phytophthoraparasitica var. nicotianae). Тутун/Tobacco, 63 (7-12). pp. 1-7. ISSN 0494-3244

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The aim of investigations was to evaluate morphological, productional and qualitative traits of 4 newly created fertile inbred lines and their resistance to black shank disease (Phytophthoraparasiticavar. nicotianae), compared to the susceptible standard variety YV 125/3(∅). The investigated lines were obtained by intraspecific hybridization.The breeding process startedby crossing of introduced oriental tobacco varieties withstable domestic linesresistant to black shank (AA) which were used as mother components and susceptible lines and varieties (aa), used as father components. Selection of hybrid progenies was made using the Pedigree method. The investigated lines were also stable in plant height andin number, shape and sizeof the leaves. According to the results of field experiments, the newly created resistant lines have higherleaf number per plant (45-53 leaves) as compared to the variety YV 125/3∅ (37 leaves). They also achieved higher yields (33.66%- 68.80%), higher purchase price (14.3%- 27.7%) and greater economic effect (41.01% to 81.29%). Black shank is economically important disease of oriental tobacco throughout the world. In favorable conditions for its occurrence it can also cause severe damage in some microregionswith mass production of Yaka tobacco.The tobacco varieties and lines were investigated for their resistance to the causing agent of Phytophthoraparasiticavar.nicotianaeduring 2010, with artificial inoculation in glasshouse conditions (Biological laboratory) of Tobacco Institute -Prilep. Of the four lines investigated, three were evaluated as highly resistant to black shank and they can be included not only in commercial production but also as sources of resistance in breeding programs.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: tobacco, disease, black shank, oriental tobacco varieties, lines, Yaka type
Subjects: Scientific Fields (Frascati) > Agricultural Sciences > Agriculture, forestry and fisheries
Divisions: Scientific Tobacco Institute
Depositing User: Prof. d-r. Ana Korubin - Aleksoska
Date Deposited: 02 Apr 2020 18:43
Last Modified: 02 Apr 2020 18:43

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