Ministry of Public Administration in the Republic of Macedonia: Necessity and Future Challenge in Health Reform

Dimeski, Branko and Patoska, Aleksandra and Panovska - Boshkoska, Violeta (2011) Ministry of Public Administration in the Republic of Macedonia: Necessity and Future Challenge in Health Reform. In: The 19th NISPAcee Annual Conference- “Public Administration of the Future”, 19-22, May, 2011, Varna, Bulgaria.

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On December, 17th, 2005, the European Counsel approved a candidate status for the Republic of Macedonia for a full membership in the European Union. In the process of integration of the Republic of Macedonia to the EU, the public administration reform has a strategic meaning.

The principal research objectives of the paper are:
• the motives and the basic reasons for undertaking a serious activities for public administration reform in the Republic of Macedonia;
• the ongoing reform activities, actions and legal procedures that are undertaking for the reform of the Macedonian public administration;
• an analysis of the accomplished results from the permanent governmental efforts for public administration reforms; and
• the condition of the Macedonian public administration in present. Is there a need for the Ministry of Public Administration in the Republic of Macedonia? If there is, how it should be organized and what can be its future goals and functions?

The scope of the research in this paper is covering explanation of the abovementioned objectives and will depend on the knowledge that already exists in the literature on the Macedonian reform processes.

For the purpose of writing the paper, we employed a combination of different methodology aspects that are based on:
• content analysis of various governmental documents and research papers that are dealing with reform issues in public administration in the Republic of Macedonia;
• using administrative databases for the purpose of explaining the research goals in this paper;
• comparative analysis; and
• the method of deduction will be applied.

The research summarized the following results and findings:

• the main reasons for undertaking a reform activities in public administration in the Republic of Macedonia are multiple and naturally different;
• the main motives for undertaking the reforms are: a proportional decrease of the overall number of the workforce, permanent measure of the working results, budget format change etc., that will guarantee a fulfillment of the criteria and conditions of entering Macedonia in the EU;
• the already made reform efforts are partial and hard for implementation. Either the Strategy for public sector reform nor the Strategy for reform of the local government system, together with their Action Plans, by present, are not fully implemented; and
• the introduction and the existence of the Ministry of public administration in the Republic of Macedonia comes as a basic need that is in the interest of the Macedonian citizens during the integrative processes for a full membership in EU.

From the research findings and results, the following principal conclusions can be derived:

• it is a time when the governments in Macedonia can not ignore the reforms anymore and its practical implementation in the public administration. Without the reforms, that are based on the new public management philosophy, Macedonia can not survive anymore in the global surrounding; and
• the establishment of a new Ministry of public administration is not just a necessity but indispensable. In a situation, where the institutions that are dealing with the public sector reforms are dispersive, the new Ministry of public administration should be organized according the examples that already exist in some of the countries in the EU.

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