Methods of Security Risk Assessment in Private Security

Saše Gerasimoski, SG (2017) Methods of Security Risk Assessment in Private Security. Security Dialogues, 7 (2). pp. 93-100.

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The everyday life has always been filled with security risks, most of which we take for
granted and for which we have developed routine strategies and ways of dealing and
managing. However, the globalization and post-modern dynamics of contemporary societies
have created a societal environment that multiplied the security risks and made their
identification, assessment, management and dealing much more complex. This can be
observed especially in security risks related with personal and proprietary security. Since
personal and proprietary security fall within the field of private security, a question of
developing adequate risk assessment as core of preventive work in private security becomes a
priority. In this sense, having efficient methods for risk management and assessment is crucial
in the overall performance of private security entities, providing subtle balance between their
security efficacy and cost efficiency.
This paper deals with some of the most known and used methods for risk assessment,
analyzing their importance and application in the private security. Several methods, which
have been applied to private security entities in Republic of Macedonia, as well as abroad, are
being singled out and closely discussed. Our focus, nevertheless, stays on the application of
Keković, Kinney and AUVA methods of risk assessment within private security entities.
Although these methods for risk assessment are widely used in different risk assessment
methodologies in various spheres, they can be successfully adjusted and implemented in
private security companies’ risk assessment as well. The paper will consider the possibility of
successful implementation of methods of security risk assessment in Republic of Macedonia.
In addition, the author of the paper gives proposals, which could prove useful when
implementing the risk assessment preventive policies, methods and strategies within the work
of the private security entities.
Keywords: security risks, risk assessment methods, prevention, private security

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