Influence of some foliar substances in the production of tobacco seedling

Pelivanoska, Valentina and Nikolova, B. and Mitreski, Milan and Filiposki, K. (2015) Influence of some foliar substances in the production of tobacco seedling. Tobacco, 65 (1-6). pp. 39-48. ISSN 0494-3244

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Study on the effect of some foliar products in tobacco seedlings production was conducted in 2012 at the Experimental field of Tobacco Institute - Prilep. Trials were performed with four organic foliar products (Slavol, SCD Probiotics – ЕМа, Bioflor and Energy) combined with one fertilization with ammonium-nitrate and two fertilizations with foliar products, including three fertilizations with foliar products only. The investigated products have a positive effect on plants with roots, increasing their length from 20.00% to 33.68% and on plants without roots, which were 35.84% to 56.22% longer compared to the check. They also have positive effect on the number of plants suitable for transplanting. In the variant fertilized with ammonium nitrate and Bioflor, the number of these plants was 38.33% higher compared to the check. The investigated foliar products did not give positive results in the increase of the root system length. It can be stated that investigated organic products (Slavol, Bioflor, SCD Probiotics – ЕМа and Energy) can be used for foliar fertilization of tobacco seedlings, individually or in combination with easily soluble mineral fertilizer ammonium nitrate.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: tobacco seedlings, foliar fertilization, Slavol, SCD Probiotics -EМa, Bioflor
Subjects: Scientific Fields (Frascati) > Agricultural Sciences > Agriculture, forestry and fisheries
Divisions: Scientific Tobacco Institute
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