Analyzing injuries in Bitola region into time frame 1999 - 2015

Kuzmanov, Ivo and Angelevska, Silvana and Pasic, Roberto and Mijakovska, Svetlana (2017) Analyzing injuries in Bitola region into time frame 1999 - 2015. Challenges of the Future,, 2 (4). pp. 231-236. ISSN 2463-9281

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Purpose and Originality:The basic aim of the paper is to present the situation with the health and safety management systems into the industrial entities from Bitola, R. Macedonia, with a special overview to the injured persons into the time frame 1999 – 2015. To be more specific several years from the time frame were selected as key one’s, and the same one’s are the following 1999, 2008 and the frame 2012-2015.
Method: There were several criteria’s which were used while selecting the years. First of all the year 1999 was chosen due to the situation where we had a huge amount of injured persons in one year. On the other hand the year 2008 was chosen due to the issue that the year 2007 was the one in which the health and safety legislation into Macedonia began into law regulations who must be done by the entities, and it was expected to have a situation with reduced spotted injuries on year basis. The analyses were done systematically having in mind several key criteria’s such as: the day of the week when the injury was spotted, the time frame of the day, gender of the injured person, spotted professional diseases, total amount of lost working days etc.
Results: At this point it’s more than relevant to say that the data presented into the paper are only a small part from a larger research done into the frame of years 2012-2016, a research that is still ongoing.

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