Access to modeling of truss-joints on carrying structure-lattice girder

Hristovska, Elizabeta (2016) Access to modeling of truss-joints on carrying structure-lattice girder. International journal for science, technics and innovations for the industry MTM-Machines, Technologies, Materials, 5. pp. 41-42. ISSN ISSN 1313-0226

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This paper presents an access to modeling riveted and welded truss-joints on carrying structure with spatial lattice girder design. The paper illustrates the real model (geometric model) of the most loaded truss-joint on specific carrying structure with its overall complexity. It also illustrates the mathematical model (FE model) of the truss-joint in two designs introducing simplicity, in order to analyze the truss-joint by using a computer and an appropriate software package. FE models (the finite element models) keep up all the characteristics of the geometrical model of the truss-joint, ushering in suitable methodology for this purpose. The need for modeling truss-joints imposes itself as a prior step to further local analysis of stress-deformed conditions of the joint-steel plate under the influence of outside loads. The parallel modeling of the same truss-joint in two constructive designs enables further comparative analysis of stress-deformed shape under same loads and summarize more appropriate constructive design of the truss-joint and emphasizes the need for its optimization.

Item Type: Article
Subjects: Scientific Fields (Frascati) > Engineering and Technology > Mechanical engineering
Divisions: Faculty of Technical Sciences
Depositing User: Prof. d-r Elizabeta Hristovska
Date Deposited: 25 Mar 2020 15:17
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