Chemical composition and energy value in the meat of Macedonian and Ohrid trout

Saveski, Aleksandar and Kalevska, Tatjana and Stamatovska, Viktorija and Damjanovski, Dragan (2017) Chemical composition and energy value in the meat of Macedonian and Ohrid trout. Food and Environment Safety of Suceava University, Food Engineering, 16 (1). pp. 40-46. ISSN 2068 – 6609

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The aim of this research is to conduct a comparative analysis and to verify the quality properties of meat of the Macedonian trout (Salmo macedonicus) and the Ohrid trout (Salmo letnica), from aquaculture production, bred on a fish farm under controlled conditions. In order to determine the quality of meat of the Macedonian and Ohrid trout, analyses of the chemical composition have been conducted: the amount of proteins, fat, water, minerals, as well as a determination of the energy value of the meat. The analyses have been made on samples from Macedonian and Ohrid trout, with size of consumption between 200 g and 300 g. By these analyses, it has been confirmed that in the meat of the Macedonian trout, the amount of water is 77.122%, 17.800% proteins, 3.333% fat and 1.667% minerals, whereas in the meat of the Ohrid trout 75.923% water, 16.783% proteins, 5.403% fat and 1.080% minerals. Though the established difference in the amount of water and fat is not significant, the differences determined in the contents of proteins and minerals are significant on a level p>0,05. The energy value of Macedonian trout meat is 435.29 KJ/100 gm, i.e. and 498.49 KJ/100 gm in the Ohrid trout meat.

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