The World's order after the cold war

Atanasoski, Sasho (2001) The World's order after the cold war. Modernizacija na javnata administracija. ISSN AC JEP – 14359 – 1999

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International relationss entered a new phase of their development by the end of the cold war. Than changes which resulted out of the ending of the cold war together with the social and economic changes in the period of the Cold War as a central one, makes the question about the functioning of the world period in the already changed international and total social conditions. Searching and analyzing such phenomena, processes and conditions in the sphere of the social life the contemporary international community we concluded the following.
1. It's impossible to talk about the existence of a new world's order but for the further functioning of the present system, which is in the process of transformation form one shape to another.
2. That the already changed international and today social conditions force the importance of a particular transformational and a reform of the present world order and its bigger efficiency in solving the global problems and contradictions.
3. The key factor which will have a determinative meaning for the process of transformation and reform of the world's system and for the future structure of the international community will be the relation between the forces between the most developed countries in the world. In that sense our research work and the analyses showed that the future structure of the international community would be multypolar and the process of globalization and regionalization would also be the key factors of the future world's relations. Besides the relation between the forces for the future development of the world's relations and about the function of the world's order. In future, a very big and different interdependency between the peoples round the world and countries as well will be of great importance.

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