Physical characteristics of functional biscuits enriched in einkorn flakes

Dimov, Ivan and Stamatovska, Viktorija (2018) Physical characteristics of functional biscuits enriched in einkorn flakes. Ukrainian Journal of Food Science, 6 (1). pp. 13-19. ISSN 2409-4951

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Introduction. The modern tendencies related to the consumption of functional food suggest that the einkorn is a cereal which can play an important role in human nutrition.
Materials and methods. The following basic materials were used for the production of biscuits: whole grain einkorn (Triticum monoccocum L.) flour and einkorn flakes. The manufacturing of the biscuits, as well as the determination of their physical properties (baking loss and volume) was carried out according to AACC Method 10- 0D. Biscuits color was determined by spectral method using tintometer produced by Lovibont Tintometer RT 100 Colour in the CIE Lab system.
Results and discussion. During the baking, water present in the formed dough evaporates which gives biscuits of characteristic structure. The greatest baking losses showed the biscuits made from 100% einkorn flour (15.16±1.01%) and the smallest – these made from 100% einkorn flakes (9.54±1.22%), with the diference beteen the two samples being 5.62%. The results obtained for the baking losses of the biscuits made from 100% flakes produced are statistically significant (p<0.05). The data on the volume of the biscuits produced show that the largest volume had the biscuits made from 100% einkorn flour (79.00±0.50 cm3). All the samples of biscuits had colors in the green and yellow spectrum and the lightest ones were these produced from 100% einkorn flakes. The differences between the individual samples were insignificant.
Conclusions. The increase of the amount of einkorn flakes added to einkorn flour results in slightly lower baking losses and volume of baked biscuits, and a lights biscuits color.

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