Stojchevska-Prodanovska, Viktorija and Jovanovska, Tanja and Rajchanovska, Domnika and Filov, Izabela (2018) RELATION TO FUNCTIONAL AND NUTRITIONAL STATUS AMONG HOSPITALIZED ELDERLIES. Sanamed, 13 (2). pp. 163-169. ISSN ISSN-1452-662X

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Abstract: Introduction: Adding years to life is a
great achievement when this is accompanied by a good
level of health and well-being and independence. Major
indicators for prediction mortality risk in older adults
are the nutrition status and physical functional ability.
The aim of this study is to present the nutritive and functional status among institutionalized elderlies and the relatedness with certain risk factors. Material and methods: Cross-sectional study has been conducted at certain nursing homes with participation of individuals
over 60 years old. As for the research Scale of Daily Living Activities (ADL) has been used to present the functional capacity of the elderly and MNA has been used to
detect the nutrition status. Results: The results from the
research conducted among elderlies have shown the following socio-demographic characteristics: out of 127
participants, most of them were females- 77% and 69%
at the age between 75 and 84. Most of the elderlies (in
68%) have completed secondary education. The results
from MNA have shown that 69,2% are well- nourished,
27,6% are at risk for malnutrition and 3,2% are malnourished. There is a relatedness of the nutrition status with
the gender (p < 0,001) and the level of education (p <
0,001).ADL scale among 127 elderly participants has
shown that 37% are independent, 45% are with a moderate impairment and 18% are with severe functional impairment. In comparison with the females, the males
show higher level of functional ability in all ADL components except the continence. Conclusion: The results
from the research have shown that the nutrition status
among elderlies is satisfactory, emphasizing the factors
such as gender, education level and functional ability as
key points for the level of nutrition status at the elderlies.

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