Beta glucans in biscuits enriched with barley flour made with different sweeteners

Nakov, Gjore and Stamatovska, Viktorija and Jukić, Marko and Necinova, Ljupka and Ivanova, Nastia and Šušak, Ana and Koceva Komlenić, Daliborka (2019) Beta glucans in biscuits enriched with barley flour made with different sweeteners. Journal of Hygienic Engineering and Design (JHED), 26. pp. 88-92. ISSN 1857- 8489

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Accepting β-glucans as a functional, bioactive ingredient has increased the popularity and consumption of
grain-based foods. Barley is a cereal containing a large
amount of β-glucans. It can be successfully added to
many food products such as bread, biscuits, ice creams,
etc., and the resulting products have a greater share
of β-glucans. This paper is determining the share of
β-glucans in biscuits obtained from two types of flour
(wheat and barley flour) with different sweeteners (sucrose, glucose and mixture of sucrose and glucose).
The aim was to examine the influence of wheat and
sweeteners on the amount of β-glucans in the produced biscuits.
Biscuits of wheat flour and biscuits with partial and
complete replacement of wheat flour with barley flour
(30%, 50%, 70% and 100% barley flour) are produced,
according to the AACC 10-50D method. β-glucans in
the flour and biscuits is determined according to AACC
Method 32.23.01. Statistical analysis of the results obtained was done using XL Stat and Microsoft Excel
The conducted analysis showed that barley flour contained a higher amount of β-glucans (4.62 g / 100 g
dry weight basis) than wheat flour (0.29 g / 100 g dry
weight basis). Biscuits made of 100% barley flour were
distinguished by higher β-glucans content compared
to other manufactured biscuits. Regarding the used
sweeteners, biscuits in which glucose solution was
used as a sweetener had a higher amount of β-glucans
than biscuits in which sucrose and a mixture of sucrose
and glucose were used as sweeteners.
Based on the obtained results, it can be concluded that
by increasing the amount of barley flour in the biscuit
composition, the amount of β-glucans is increasing, as
well. The use of glucose solution as a sweetener in the
production of biscuits increases the content of β-glucans in biscuits.
Key words: Beta glucans, Biscuits, Wheat flour, Barley
flour, Sweeteners.

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