Tashkoski, Petre and Gveroska, Biljana and Dimitrieski, Miroslav and Miceska, Gordana (2006) TRANSMISSION OF TOBACCO MOSAIC VIRUS AND SYMPTHOMS OF VIROSIS. Tobacco, 56 (11-12). pp. 217-224. ISSN 0494-3244

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Tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) is the most widely distributed disease which causes severe losses to tobacco economy.
It easily transmits mechanically, through performing various agrotecnhnical measures during the growing period of tobacco, and most frequently during the harvest.
TMV is very stable virus with high infective ability. From other viruses attacking tobacco it differs by is possibility to keep its infectivity in fermented tobacco for several months and years, which is the main source of primary infection.
Intensity of attack is much higher in harvested plants compared to the unharvested ones.
In harvested plants it ranged from 0.00 % in resistant varieties to 54.80% in the standard variety YV 125/3, and in unharvested plants it was the highest in the check variety P 12-2/1 - 8.18%. The second estimation also revealed highest intensity of disease in standard varieties YV 125/3 (72.11%) among harvested plants and P 12-2/1 (9.09%) in unharvested plants.
In varieties P 11-46/65, P 301DH, P301N, YK 123/7, YJ 65-81/1 and YK 301/23 in both variants (unharvested and harvested) there wer no symptoms of disease. These tobacco varieties showed high level of resistance to the mosaic virus.
Resistance of the varieties was confirmed by artificial inoculation. Symptoms of disease were manifested through occurrence of necrotic spots on leaf area, developed as a result of hypersensitive reactions of host plant cells toward the parasite.
Results of investigation can be used by breeders in creation of varieties resistant to TMV.

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